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Southern Nevada REALTOR® magazine is a news and business magazine published to provide information for real estate professionals including brokers, salespersons, appraisers, property managers and affiliates in one of the fastest growing markets in the nation and the largest market in the state of Nevada.


Southern Nevada REALTOR® delivers articles encompassing technology trends, promotional strategies, selling skills, motivational techniques, and product reviews. Other key topics include the effects of legal and regulatory issues on Nevada real estate professionals as well as information needed to enhance their professionalism. Southern Nevada REALTOR® plays a vital role between REALTORS® and groups allied to the profession by providing a forum in which to develop and apply new ideas.


Southern Nevada REALTOR® magazine reaches every active REALTOR® in Southern Nevada. As business entrepreneurs and independent contractors, REALTORS® are responsible for their own business — and each makes their own purchasing decisions. REALTORS® sell the vast majority of real estate purchased in Nevada each year. Our readers are trusted professionals who interact with hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers each year — and they are frequently asked to recommend products and professional services to their buyers and sellers.


Southern Nevada REALTOR® offers a variety of advertising plans. As the only publication reaching every REALTOR® in Las Vegas, we can help your business achieve significant results. Utilizing the Internet, Southern Nevada REALTOR® offers advertising space with worldwide coverage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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