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Division Regulation NAC 645.436 Restrictions on receipt of credit for course.

A licensee may receive credit for continuing education only upon certification by the sponsor that the licensee has attended and completed at least 90% of the course.

Maximum Tardiness Allowed


Total Minutes Class Breaks Total Clas Minutes Late Arrival Allowed
3 hrs. = 180 2 breaks @ 10 min 160 min 16 minutes
4 hrs. = 240 3 breaks @ 10 min 210 min 22 minutes
6 hrs. = 360 5 breaks @ 10 min 310 min 32 minutes


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Buyer Brokerage Agreement Early Termination  Multiple Counter Offers Final 08.17
Buyer Brokerage Agreement Damage Caps Net Sheet Updated
Buyer’s Notice of Disclosure  Request For Repairs 04.06.17 Forms Committee
Cancellation of Purchase Agreement  Residential Lease Agreement AB 161 
Contingent Upon Sale Addendum RPA July 2017 Final BOD Approved
EA Listing Agreement RPA Timeline 2017
ER Listing Agreement   Vacant Land Purchase Agreement Updated
 Financing Addendum 05.01.17


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Welcome to GLVAR’s Education Department’s web page. Education, determination, and consistency are required to be successful in today’s real estate profession. Gone are the days when you could carry on with the same old routine which resulted in some success. Our society is constantly changing and mandates that we change with it. The course’s GLVAR offers reflect our ever-changing real estate environment in Southern Nevada.

Attending a Class or Event at GLVAR? 

When you visit GLVAR Facilities to attend a class or other event, it is important that you prepare for and are aware of the amenities and environmental conditions.

  1. Classes at GLVAR are held on the second floor of the building. The training room is located on the first floor. A staircase is located at the front and rear of the building. There is an elevator in the front lobby. *PLEASE: Use handrails and avoid distractions such as cell phones when using any of the stairs at GLVAR.
  2. Restrooms are located conveniently near the classrooms on the second floor and training room on the first floor.
  3. A refrigerator is available for those that may have medication or other diet/health needs. Please inform the Education Department staff in advance of the event.
  4. Classroom temperature is 72 degrees (F). The temperature may vary up to 3 degrees in either direction depending on conditions. PLEASE DRESS ACCORDINGLY.
  5. All equipment within the GLVAR environment may ONLY be operated by GLVAR personnel and other authorized individuals.
  6. GLVAR kitchens are for Staff Members ONLY. If you need something, please let a Staff Member or Moderator know.
  7. There are work areas around the classrooms. Please be courteous of those around you. Never use GLVAR Equipment or Staff work areas.
    • GLVAR has provided a lounge with coffee and snack machines on the Second Floor. Wireless Internet access is available.
    • GLVAR has provided computers and a printer in the first-floor library for your use.
    • GLVAR has provided telephones for your use in the first-floor lobby.
  8. Smoking is allowed outside ONLY. The designated smoking area is located on the WEST side of the building. Please do not discard cigarette butts onto the ground.
  9. GLVAR has gone to great lengths to create a comfortable, safe and technologically advanced environment for your comfort and pleasure. Your attendance at any function on GLVAR property infers that you release GLVAR of any liability and agree to hold GLVAR harmless from acts and occurrences outside of GLVAR control.
  10. You take responsibility for your own well-being, possessions, and conduct.

SAVE on courses offered through GLVAR’s online continuing education with the following code. Check back each month for the current discount code.

Center for realtors


GLVAR Refund Policy: In order to receive a refund for GLVAR education classes or events, cancellation notice must be received by the Education Department 48 hours prior to the class.

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Education Staff

Armida Maldonado
Armida Maldonado
Education Supervisor
Phone: 702-784-5035
Department Contact Numbers
Main: 702-784-5051
Fax: 702-732-4152



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