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Below you will find a series of links to articles and tools used by brokers throughout the U.S. that have helped them in their business and may be a great resource for yours.


How to turn your next open house into a conversion machine

More than half of homebuyers who purchased existing homes in 2016 attended an open house at some point during their search. A surprising statistic considering the majority of homebuyers rely on internet listing photos and information as a way to rule out as many homes as possible without having to visit. Here’s how to capture your piece of the open house pie.


Introducing RPR Connect: a new Facebook Group

A new, interactive forum that connects REALTORS®, Brokers/Owners, and other industry leaders. Join today to pick up RPR business building tips and tricks or try to stump an RPR pro with your question. It’s the perfect setting for any REALTOR® who knows the value of networking and has a desire to succeed.


A simple, effective strategy for generating a Market Activity Report for any area

Let’s explore the simple steps needed to slice and dice your Market Activity Report to perfectly represent your needs. Hint … this is all accomplished using RPR maps.


Three exciting new features come to the RPR app

Like REALTORS®, RPR’s app is on the move. Exciting new features have been added to an already robust line-up of available tools. This time, we bring you three adaptations that are certain to make your on-the-go experience more productive and downright easier.

RPR learning resources for every REALTOR®Full Article.

5 ways to fight the good fight in real estate – Full Article.

5 social media strategies you should be using in your real estate business – Full article.

14 “must-have” apps for real estate agents – Full Article.

How are REALTORS® using social and digital media to build their businesses? – Full Article.

Setting up your Facebook ad – It starts with audienceFull Article.

School Report Cuts Sales Cycle in Half – Full Article.

REALTOR® Owned Technology Sweetens Showings – Full Article.

5Cs of a Successful Farming Strategy – Full Article.



8 RPR App Tips and Tricks

Which are the most popular? How are they being used to facilitate marketplace efficiencies and be more profitable? Here, we’ve provided three different approaches to the topic, each with a unique perspective…

Infographic lays out benefits of RPR app for Realtors®

RPR Releases 2017 REALTOR®Mobile Usage Report

Client Engagement Leads to Early Buy-in


Getting Started With RPR

Set-up, navigate, and research an unparalleled platform of dynamic data and persuasive reports, exclusively for REALTORS®RSVP


Upcoming Residential Workshops

Sessions are about 60 mins + extra time for questions. Looking for local and state workshops? Check out our scheduled offerings here.


Upcoming Broker / Owner Workshops

Sessions are about 30 to 40 minutes + extra time for questions.
Looking for local and state workshops? Check out our scheduled offerings here


Upcoming Commercial Workshops

Sessions are about 30 mins + extra time for questions.
Looking for local and state workshops? Check out our scheduled offerings here



Real estate app offers answers to 12 common consumer questions
“How is the market doing?” “What are the schools like around here?” Turn the tide in your favor by providing immediate answers to client questions, while in the car or at the curb.
RPR Introduces Conversations with Commercial Real Estate Pros
No story is stronger or more compelling than the one told by your colleagues. In this eBook, three top Commercial real estate pros share how they use RPR.
Build a Better Listing Presentation Package
The key to nailing that next listing is to prepare … more thoroughly, more accurately and more creatively than your competition. Here’s how.



RPR, a member benefit offered at no additional cost, offers a full suite of reports perfectly suited to meet every client’s expectations. This brief how-to video highlights how easy it is to create and deliver RPR reports … anytime, anywhere.


The Broker Tool Set web page can be found at http://blog.narrpr.com/broker/.


Webinars are all available on the Blog: Click Here


Video Learning is available: Click Here




What is RPR Video

What is RPR Mobile

What is RPR Commercial Video

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