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Risk Reduction Graduate™ Society

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Risk Reduction Graduate Certification Program

RRG 10yr LogoThe RRG™ Certification Program was designed by the GLVAR® to help minimize the risk in a risky business and provide Members with a higher level of expertise through educational courses taught by legal experts.


The program was designed to help REALTORS® understand and interpret contracts and the laws that govern them. Educated members have more confidence in their real estate careers and reputation. With litigation rates on the rise, this specialized curriculum provides insight for attendee to improve their knowledge.



Graduate members are able to provide clients with professionalism, confident service, a peace of mind in their business, and regulatory bodies have fewer case filings. Membership in the Risk Reduction Graduate Society will keep you apprised of risk management and the current legal and legislation issues.



How to earn you RRG™ Certification:


“Our requirements have changed” – 10 year anniversary requirements for May 2014- April 2015


In honor of our 10 year anniversary
Complete the following requirements


1. Complete 18 hours of RRG™ credited classes which include:


a.Successful completion of any 2 of the 3 Core Courses =12 hours: pick any 2
Conquering Contracts I, Conquering Contracts II, Conquering Contracts III
(See Course Description for more information)


b.Successful completion of 2 elective courses = 6 hours. Selected any 2 different elective courses or complete the reminding conquering contract class as your elective hours. (Excluding our free RRG approved classes)

(See Course Schedule for more information)


RRG™ CE credits also go towards credits for license renewal.


2.Maintain Active membership with GLVAR.
3.Submit your application for the RRG™ Society.



RRG Membership Benefits:

  • Become a part of the Risk Reduction Society
  • Access to Attorneys in the Real Estate Industry
  • Free yearly Risk Management Update Class
  • Receive the latest news and possible court cases
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Yearly Luncheons
  • Discount on E&O premiums (may depend on carrier and the number of agents who completed the course)
  • A graduation plaque, pin and much, much more!



Fee Schedule:
Annual Membership Dues:

Special 10 Year Anniversary Price $30. (Normally $60)


Conquering Contracts I, II, III:
$240.00 for all classes:


Check course schedule for pricing


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