SentriLock FAQ’s


Q: Why are we changing lockbox systems?

A: GLVAR’s contract with Supra expires March 2015.  As many of you have experienced, the batteries in the Supra boxes are failing.  Supra proposed replacing all of our lockboxes and keys.  Faced with a full upgrade, GLVAR began investigating lockbox vendors and the features and benefits of each system.  After a lengthy investigation, the Board of Directors awarded SentriLock, a National Association of REALTORS® owned company, the lockbox contract.


For additional details about the selection process, see this update from GLVAR’s 2014 President Heidi Kasama.


Q: When and where is the conversion?

A: The conversion takes place in February 2015 with four locations around the Greater Las Vegas area. Soon SentriLock will be sending emails to all GLVAR current Supra Key holders. This email will provide you with a personal link to make your conversion appointment.


Q: What do I need to bring to my conversion appointment?

A: You will want to bring your Supra Display Key, Cradle, cables and any Supra iBoxes registered in your name.  If you are an eKey user, the Bluetooth adapter you currently use is yours to keep, and may be given or sold to another agent in an MLS still using the Supra system with no deprogramming necessary.   GLVAR will collect a $100 deposit for the new SentriLock system.  You are required to pay the deposit in advance.  In December you will receive an email from GLVAR with instructions on how to pay the deposit.  Please bring your receipt of payment to the conversion.



Q: How do I register for SentiLock Lockbox Training?

A: SentriLock began sending emails to Members with an active key subscription a personalized email on Monday, December 15The email came from The subject line from SentriLock will read: “GLVAR Lockbox & Key Conversion – Register Now!” If you did not register yet, SentriLock will continue to send you an email every Monday until you register. If you are having issues registering or have not received an email from SentriLock, please call them directly at 877-433-6998.


Q: How do I change my SentriLock lockboxes training session?

A: If you need to change your SentriLock lockbox training session, you may 1) use the link from the personalized email you were sent, 2) use the link from your confirmation email, or 3) call SentriLock directly at 877-433-6998.


Q: How many SentriLock lockboxes will I receive?

A: This is a one for one exchange.  For each Supra iBox registered to you and exchanged at the conversion, you will receive 1 SentriLock lockbox.


Q: I know I can only exchange lockboxes that are registered to me.  How do I know if my lockboxes are registered to me?

A: You can verify your Supra lockbox inventory by clicking on the following link: Click here to search the PDF by Lockbox #, Member #, Member Name, Member Office or Member Office Number.


Click Ctrl + F to bring up a search box.  Enter your criteria from above


Q: What if I have a Supra iBox that is NOT registered to me?

A: If you are in possession of a lockbox that is NOT registered to you:

    1. Search the Supra lockbox inventory PDF above by the lockbox serial number to locate the registered owner;
    2. Contact the registered owner so that you can make arrangements to return the box to them;
    3. Or request that the registered owner of the lockbox transfer ownership to you by completing and signing the Transfer Form. (Download Transfer Form PDF) ;
    4. Or drop the lockbox off at GLVAR and we will contact the registered owner for you.


Q: What if someone else brings a box registered to me to the conversion?

A: We will hold the Supra iBox at the conversion. As soon as possible after the conversion, we will verify ownership and contact the registered owner.


Q: I have Supra iBoxes that are registered to an Agent who has moved or left the business. Can they be transferred to me?

A: Contact GLVAR prior to the conversion to resolve any questions about lockbox ownership.


Q: I have quite a few Supra iBoxes, do I need to bring them all into the conversion at once?

A: No. You can make multiple visits to the conversion.  You’ll need to keep your Supra key until your last visit. This will allow you to release the shackles on the boxes you still have on listings.

If you are planning to make multiple trips to the conversion, you need to make an appointment for your first visit only. During your first visit to the conversion, you’ll be required to sign a multi-key agreement indicating that you have both a Supra and SentriLock key in your possession.

At your first conversion appointment, you’ll exchange the boxes you have, attend training and pick up your new SentriLock equipment.  You do not need to make another appointment for subsequent exchanges.  On your next visit to the conversion, be sure to bring in your SentriCard® and Supra Key as well as the iBoxes you are exchanging. If you use a Supra DisplayKey you will turn it and your cradle in at your last conversion visit.


Q: Can my spouse or my assistant attend the conversion for me?

A: No.  You must attend the conversation to sign a new lease agreement, attend training and pick up your new SentriLock equipment.  However, after you’ve attend the conversion your spouse or assistant can, with your written authorization, exchange additional lockboxes on your behalf.


Q: I’m no longer a GLVAR member, but I have Supra iBoxes to exchange. 

A:  You must have paid your 2015 annual dues and be an active Supra Key subscriber to participate in the conversion.



Q: What about the refund for my Supra key deposit?

A: If you have a Supra Key deposit remaining on your account, a credit in the amount of your deposit will be applied to your account after you return your Supra Key and Cradle.


Q:  Are you collecting a deposit for my SentriLock equipment

A:  Yes. GLVAR will collect a deposit for your SentriLock equipment.  The deposit is $100.  The deposit must be paid in advance and the receipt brought to the conversion. In December you will receive an email from GLVAR with instructions on how to pay the deposit.  Please be sure to bring your receipt of payment to the conversion.


Q: What dues need to be paid to participate in the conversion?

A:  You must have paid your 2015 annual dues and be an active Supra Key subscriber to participate in the conversion.


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